A Message from Our Principal About Holiday Celebrations



The holiday season has been very fun for all of us at Smith ES.  The staff and students have enjoyed many events such as trivia, crazy hat day, and tacky sweater day.  There is, however, a serious issue that needs to be explained.  Several parents are upset about my policy to restrict what leaves the school regarding holidays.  The administration feels strongly that items that are sent to all students in the school should be respectful of all religions and cultures.  Our school celebrates our diversity and works hard to make sure that all families feel accepted and included. We have families that are Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Muslim and Jehovah’s Witness.  Therefore, items such as goodie bags need to remain seasonal.  Several parents have indicated on social media that this is not right because the majority of students celebrate Christmas.  I would ask you to really think about this. Is it ever right to exclude others’ beliefs just because we do not believe the same way?  I hope that moving forward that all can respect the school guidelines for this and can enjoy the opportunity to send treats to our children that are inclusive of all.


Dr. Stefanko