Alberta Smith PTA Nomination Slate

PTA Members:
Here is your slate of officers nominated to serve during the 2020-2021 school year.
In February, the PTA Board appointed a Nominating Committee. Nominations were sought from all current PTA members. The Nominating Committee presented their report at the May 5 PTA meeting and the slate was approved by the board.
This slate will be up for approval by the membership at the June PTA meeting on June 9 at 6 pm. The vote will be held electronically with email ballots available. You are encouraged to participate in this vote!
Thank you to these dedicated volunteers who have stepped up to serve our students, teachers and school community!

Alberta Smith PTA Nomination Slate – May 2020

  • President: Corey Hardison
  • 1st VP – Programs: Shae Weyant
  • 2nd VP – Ways & Means: Lynn Madden
  • 3rd VP – Membership: Jessi Cole
  • Treasurer: Alan Sheffield
  • Secretary: Nicole Berry