Apex ReMix, Nov 2

Update: October 30, 2018 (read below or download the flier)

Dear Parents,
What an awesome job our students (and you) have done with our Apex ReMix. You should be congratulated for all your efforts … we are in the final stretch now! (Keep in mind; we won’t have another major fundraiser for our school until springtime.)

PREPARING for November 1:

  • Every student will be given an APEX Leadership Co T-Shirt when they get to class in the morning.
  • Wear shoes that are comfortable to workout in
  • Get a good night’s sleep
  • Eat a healthy breakfast (and lunch for those who are running in the afternoon)
  • Stay hydrated – start today
  • Don’t forget we will have black lights so, wear anything that will glow.

We need your help! If every student got just 1 MORE sponsor tonight for $1/fitness move or a $30 flat donation; that would INCREASE our total earnings for our school by over $8,000 … in just one night!!!

A reminder that this year our donation collections will all be done online to make the collection process easier and faster. Of course, sponsors can still pay by cash/check if they choose, we just ask that these donations be turned into the school on November 1  so that students receive credit.

Apex Leadership Co has partnered with the Thirst Project this year to help end the global water crisis. For every student who reaches $10 per fitness move pledged for their school, Apex will donate funds to help provide up to 4 years of clean drinking water for someone in need.

RUN TIMES (Parents please come out and cheer on the students)
2nd Grade 9:05-9:50
1st Grade 9:55-10:40
Kindergarten 10:45-11 :30
5th Grade 12: 1 0-12:55
3″‘ Grade 1 :00-1 :45
4th Grade 1 :50-2:35

Thank you for your continued support,
Mrs. Kline, Principal and Alberta Smith Elementary PTA

October 22-November 2

Apex Remix is a new school fundraising program that raises money by focusing on cardio and fitness! In this 2-week program, students will raise money by moving to the music at our fun and exciting glow party. With 30+ fitness moves, this program is sure to remix your fundraising! PROGRAM FEATURES: – Hassle-free fundraising – In-class leadership lessons – Glow party event (includes 30+ fitness music, glow sticks, amazing music, and more!) – All inclusive For more information, visit Apex website or contact Corey Hardison, VP of Ways and Means or Susan Beals, PTA President.


Apex Leadership Co. is an interactive leadership program that helps schools all over the country raise money, while promoting leadership, good character and fitness. This year’s theme is Apex STRONG! Students will join the Apex Squad on an exciting journey as they learn what it means to be:

Next Level

During the Apex ReMix program, students are challenged to get pledges for the number of fitness moves they will complete on ReMix day to help Alberta Smith Elementary. Students will complete 30-36 fitness moves during the ReMix event. The maximum amount of fitness moves is 36. Through Apex’s top-notch online pledging system, sponsors can pledge $1/fitness move, $2/fitness move, $5/fitness move, or any other amount for students and can pledge from anywhere in the world!

Thank you again for your continued support of Alberta Smith Elementary and we are excited to begin this journey with you!

All students:

  • will receive Apex wrist bands, an Apex t-shirt, and team awards.
  • will experience Apex Leadership Co.’s world class character program and have access to additional character lesson videos on the free Apex Leadership Co. App!

Fitness, Character & Leadership Program

This year, Apex Leadership Co.’s character and leadership program focuses on being STRONG as a group and valuing each other’s differences. The interactive lessons discuss the important role we each play in the world, but also promotes the idea that we’re always stronger together!

Parents: We’ll Need Your Help

Connect your child to potential sponsors and help acquire pledges for the number of fitness moves they will complete on ReMix day. Family and friends anywhere in the world can support our school. All students will also receive their own pledge kit with an individual access code that allows you to enter pledges online.


Come to the Apex ReMix on Thursday, November 1 and don’t forget to invite others to attend our fun-filled community event. Help volunteer for the ReMix! And come cheer on students.