2021-22 – Teachers Favorite Things

Listed in alphabetical order.

Name Grade/Resource Birthday Color Flower Snack Foods Restaurants Places to Shop Hobbies/Interests
Abbott 1st 2/6 turquoise; hot pink Hibiscus chips & dip Chick-fil-A; Firebirds; Carabbas Target; Loft; Hobby Lobby being near the water; love to go to the river and the beach; spending time with my three boys!
Andrews Special Education 3/5 purple Daisy chips & salsa Chick-fil-A; Sonic; Mexico Lazy Daisy; One Rose Decor coursework for masters; spending time with family
Ayers 2nd 6/9 teal; turquoise; light pinks; light purples Orchid animal crackers; kettle corn; chips & guacamole; anything dark chocolate; fruit Chick-fil-A; Mr. Pepe; Bonefish; Sushi King Target; Hobby Lobby; Amazon; Walmart; Aldi tennis; spending time with my kids; anything beach
Braxton School Nurse 2/15 pink Peony; Dahlia; Hydrangea popcorn; M&Ms Cookout; Five Guys; Texas Roadhouse Amazon; Hobby Lobby; Target; Walmart reading; cross stitching; watching movies; spending time with my family
Brown Special Education PreK 5/21 purple; blue Peonies plain Sun Chips; cashews; Twix Starbucks; Latitude Amazon; Target kayaking; reading; cats
Burchett 2nd 2/9 turquoise; navy Hydrangea; Tulips; Dahlia pork rinds; cheese; protein bars; beef jerkey; turkey sticks; olives; fruit and peanut butter; pistachios; veggies & hummus; dark chocolate; Twix Bone Fish; Mexican; The Boathouse; Italian Delight; CAVA; Sushi; Tazza; LongHorn; Sedona; Panera; Jimmy Johns Bath & Body Works; Amazon; Hobbie Lobby; One Rose Decor; Kohls; CATO; Aldi; Publix; Food Lion cooking; camping; travel; reading; swimming; singing; dancing; coloring; spending time with family & friends
Carrier Autism/Sped 4/17 red Gerber Daisy Granola Mod Pizza Amazon reading; cats
Coburn 1st 6/5 green Hydrangea hostess chocolate cupcakes; spicy/hot chips; crackers Olive Garden TJ Maxx dogs; puzzles; gardening
Croxton K 7/9 blue; yellow Gardenia Blue Diamond unsalted almonds; Peppermint Patties Panera WhiteHouseBlackMarket; His or Hers Salon cruises; spending time with grandchildren/family; yoga
Cruz 5th 5/1 green Hydrangeas Goldfish Starbucks; MOD Pizza; Chick-fil-A Target; Loft soccer; working out; drinking coffee
Davis Special Education K-5 8/17 purple Freesia Combos pretzels; Snickers; Perrier orange flavored water; chips & salsa Bonefish; Texas Roadhouse; Taziki’s Walmart Kohls working out; going to the beach; antiques
Dunston K 6/22 pink; anything rainbow Peonies; Juliet Roses popcorn; anything white chocolate Outback; Longhorn Target; Michael’s; Loft; TJMaxx taking my dogs to the river; doing anything crafty
DuVal Counseling 6/21 pink Peony Popcorn Chuys Amazon; Stitch Fix beach; shopping; monograms; wine 🙂
Fabian 5th CBG 6/22 yellow Daisy Pringles; Combos; peanut M&M’s O’Charley’s; Outback Amazon reading
Fee K 11/3 teal Peony strawberries; raspberries; donuts Panera; Boathouse; Bonefish TJ Maxx; Homegoods baking; crafting; camping; hanging with my family
Gardner Assitant Principal 5/9 blue Daisy Cheezits; Snyers Nibblers I’m not picky Target; Home Depot; Lowes singing; running; reading Books to kids (I love a new kid’s book!)
Garrett 5th 2/9 pink Pink Roses Goldfish; almonds; Chex Mix Texas Roadhouse; Chuys; Mexico Target; Amazon; Michael’s fishing; hiking; kayaking
Harritan 3rd 12/3 pink Peony Dove dark chocolate; Smart white cheddar popcorn Outback Target; Amazon hiking; kayaking; baking; reading; Colorado; Outer Banks
Hazlegrove Speech 5/14 yellow Sunflower popcorn; chips & dip; pretzels Chick-fil-A; Chipotle; Cava; Dunkin Donuts; Foo Dog TJ Maxx; Homegoods; Target; Amazon hiking; running; kayaking; gardening; throwing pottery; camping; traveling; puzzles
Henry 5th CBG 6/27 green; pink Hydrangeas; Pink Roses Reeses; pretzels; hummus; chips & guacamole Surry Seafood Company; Wood & Iron/The Flying Pig; Grill at Waterford Target; Amazon; J.Jill; The Sassy Bee going to the beach; sewing/crocheting; walking; going to museums
Herren 4th 9/28 purple Daisy peanut M&Ms; Twizzlers all restaurants Michaels; Target love to read; to paint & hide rocks
Hugenberg 4th 10/27 turquoise Sunflower almonds; pistachios Outback; Latitudes Walmart; Kohls; Target beach; watching my kids play softball & baseball
Hunter Librarian 12/29 green Hydrangeas popcorn; gummy bears; iced coffee; chips & salsa Rico’s; Fest; Dunkin Donuts Target; TJ Maxx reading; spending time with my family; anything Christmas!; Harry Potter
Hutcherson Special Education Early Childhood 3/28 purple Daisy n/a Panera; Bonefish; Mellow Mushroom Target; Amazon; Barnes & Noble; Michael’s reading; writing; mixed media art; paddle boarding; riding my bike; kickboxing
Kay K 11/18 yellow Gerbera Daisy Chex Mix Bold The Boathouse Amazon; Dillard’s; Macy’s baking
Kearney 5th 6/9 blue; teal all Munchies Cheese Fix; Boom Chicka Pop Sweet and Salty Kettle Corn Chick-fil-A; Firebirds; MOD pizza; El Cerro Azul Target; Amazon reading; playing with my kids
Kwiatkowski 1st 7/13 pink pink flowers gold fish; doritos; dark chocolate; M&M’s; trail mix; popcorn Chipotle; Panera; Starbucks; Fire & Hops target; Old Navy; Amazon; Michael’s; Hobby Lobby hiking; disc golfing; traveling; jogging; indoor rock climbing; crafting; biking
Latura PE 5/5 green Tulips Starbucks lattes Charred; Cava; Burger Bach; Chick-fil-A Target; Amazon; TJ Max; Wegmans; Costco watching my boys play sports; soccer; books
Linn 4th 1/11 black; teal/aqua Sunflower white chocolate covered pretzels; Flavor Blasted Goldfish; sweet & salty kettle popcorn Chick-fil-A; Panera; Chipotle; Sushi King; Mellow Mushroom Hobby Lobby; Target; Lazy Daisy; Amazon; Kohls thrifting; hiking; fishing; going to Lake Gaston; breweries😁; dogs
Magnusen 2nd 2/25 beachy blue succulent plants nuts; dark chocolate Cava; Mezeh TJ Maxx; Target; Costco; Amazon anything at the beach; cooking
Massa Reading 6/28 emerald green Tulips low fat crackers; chips & salsa; pretzels Chick-fil-A; Cava; Taziki’s; Mod Pizza Target; Wayfair; Bed; Bath & Beyond reading books; walking my dog; shopping; being with my family
McKenney Art 3/13 blue; teal Sunflower Goldfish Chipotle; Chick-fil-A Target; Michaels reading; cooking; art
Oakley LD Teacher 7/7 blue Daffodils; Roses Peppermint Patties; chocolate chip cookies; pistachio nuts; Chocolate; Nonni’s Biscotti Panera Desserterie Starbucks Rico’s Mexican Restaurant Target; Loft; Kohls kayaking; reading; hiking
Pearman Special Education Pre-K pink Peony Stacey’s Chips Target beach; travel; decorating; reading; friends & family
Rhodes Music 7/9 mustard yellow houseplants or plants to plant outside I am a vegan so corn/tortilla Chips and salsa; Vegan treats; Hummus; Guacamole; Fruit; and coffee of course! Anything Thai; Indian; Mod Pizza; Cava/Mezeh. Ellwood Thompsons; Target; gardening; hiking; kayaking; art
Rodgers STEAM 7/25 orange Fake Reese’s; Almond Joy; Trail Mix Anything Thai; Indian; MOD Pizza; Cava/Mezeh Ellwood Thompsons; Target;
Price Speech and Language Therapist 10/20 blue Daisy chocolate Cracker Barrel Target reading
Scercy 3rd 3/3 pink Orchids Snickers; Chex Mix; popcorn; cupcakes Longhorns; Texas Roadhouse; O’charleys; Subway Target; Amazon reading; nail polish; taking pictures; anything with my family (movies; putt-putt; bowling; parks; etc.)
Shults SPED 8/26 all colors Daisy; Sunflower cashews; almonds; Peppermint Patties Chuy’s; Chick-fil-A; Cava Amazon; Target; Kohls fitness; beach;
Sidari 3rd CBG 7/6 pink Hydrangea chocolate covered pretzels; cookies; brownies Cava; Moe’s; Cold Stone; The Boathouse Loft; Target Peloton rides; golfing; cleaning and organizing
Smith LD- k/1 3 8/3 turquoise Daisy popcorn; nuts; dried fruit Latitude; Wild Ginger One Rose Decor; Target sewing; reading; crafting
Spencer 4th CBG 8/16 purple; red Calla Lily popcorn; Cheez-Its; Goldfish Chuys; Chick-fil-A; Flying Pig; Q-Barbecue Target; T.J. Maxx; Loft gardening; reading; walking; listening to music
Therianos 5th 5/9 fuchsia; bright turquoise; red colorful Spring bouquets popcorn; kettle corn; Chex mix Cava; Tazikis; Plaza Azteca; Bonefish; Boathouse Tj Maxx; Stein Mart; Amazon; Walmart; spending time with my grandson; Paxton and other family members and friends; traveling; hiking; watching football
Vasiloff 2nd 7/10 blue Stargazer Lilies; House Plants cheese & crackers; chips & dip; Dove dark chocolate; pretzels; almonds Chick-fil-A; Coldstone; Jersey Mikes; Tazza Kitchen; CAVA; all food – love trying new things! For the classroom: Amazon; Target; Walmart; Dollar Tree; For me: Amazon; Target; TJMaxx; Old Navy all things outdoors – running; hiking; stand up paddle boarding; skiing; cooking; reading; traveling; sustainability
Waters 2nd 3/6 pink White Roses peanut M&M’s; Reese cups; dark chocolate Bone Fish; Boat House Target; Starbucks reading; books; travel
Wowk 3rd 10/24 blue all healthy options – lower in salt and sugar Panera; Chick-fil-A; Starbucks coffee Amazon jewelry making; art